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MiniPac, MKII
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A miniature replica of the original Pac-Man cabinet (as close as possible), cut off under the control panel.


  I've been dying to do this for a long time.  This time I kept track of what I spent and what I did.  This is an expensive cab to make, with the cost of the parts hovering somewhere around $700.  Here is the 'list of materials': NOTE: prices do not include shipping
1 - Marquee retainer (Happ Controls) - 15.00
1 - Qt Semi-Gloss Black paint (Home Depot) - 5.00
2 - Side Art print on Adhesive Vinyl - 95.00
1 - Paint rollers (Home Depot) - 5.00
2 - MDF CTS board (24x48) (Home Depot) - 10.00
1 - Control Panel (Arcade Depot) !!! :) - 40.00
1 - 9" Monitor (Computer Show?) - 50.00
1 - 1.4 Ghz, 256Mb, M/B (Computer Show?) - 150.00
1 - I-Pac (Ultimarc) - 40.00
1 - Joystick (T-Stick+) (Ultimarc) - 25.00
12 - Arcade Buttons (Happ Controls) - 21.00
4 - Select Buttons (Happ controls) - 5.00
1 - PC Power Supply - 20.00
1 - Set of PC Speakers - 10.00
1 - Legacy Compatable Sound card (If using DOS) - 10.00
1 - Compact Flash to IDE Adapter (If using DOS) (Adi's Electronics) - 25.00
1 - Compact Flash card 64Mb (If using DOS) - 30.00
2 - 1/8" Plexi (Bezel & Marquee) (Home Depot) - 5.00
2 - 1/8" Lexan (Control Panel) (Home Depot) - 5.00
4 - Rubber Feet (Home Depot) - 1.00
1 - 20ft of black 1/2" T-Molding ( - 10.00
NOTE: If I make another one of these, I will be using a 15" LCD Panel, as the 9" monitors are getting hard to find, and they are heavy.
Cabinet Width: 11"
Marquee: 4"x11"
Control Panel: 3.5"H x 5"D x 11"W
Bezel: 13"x11"
Outside Measurements:
(you can right-click and 'save as' to see the measurements clearer)



BTW The Motherboard and Power Supply sit on the bottom shelf
The lights I just found lying around - Two 12v lights will do the job behind the marquee.
Internal measurements:
Piece:                         Width Depth
------                            -----     -----
Top                             11"     13.5"
Shelf Under Marquee    11"     13.5"
Monitor Shelf               11"     13"
Bottom                        11"     17.75"
Back                           11"     20.5"
BTW: You might want to put the back on a hinge to allow for east access ( I didn't do that out of lazyness) :-P
You'll also have to get a router bit to cut the 1/16" slot on the side of the panels for the T-molding.

Here are the sides, back, top, and marquee shelf, cut out and painted black.

The bottom, monitor shelf and the bezel rest (I didn't paint them 'cauze nobody will see them) :-P

This is the cardboard template I used to ensure that the sides would be cut the same.

The 9" monitor I mounted on the shelf (horizontally this time)

Printed on my printer, and sandwiched between two pieces of plexi.

Pilot holes were drawn on the cardboard and drilled through the sides.

Screwing in the sides...

The motherboard, and monitor mounted. I painted the front of the monitor black.

Both sides in place, speaker mounted. (No marquee lights or CP yet)

Got the sides and the t-molding on! Waiting on the joystick...

Close up of Control Panel

And finally! a finished project! :) The marquee *does* light...

And that's it.