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Arcade Cabinet Projects





Cat in needlepoint; Actual size=180 pixels wide


This is my ultimate Arcade Machine. It was made after making 5 others, (I figured I had done it enough times to get it right. ;-)

All I started with was the cabinet. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what it was, as the paint that was originally on it was that bad. :-/ I stripped it down to the bare wood, and started from there.

(For those of you who are wondering, that is a true Ms. Pac-Man cabinet in the background. Everything in it is original, I'm not touching it because it is in excellent condition with only a few scratches. I would not ruin a good machine like that)

Internal Specs


. Above are the measurements for the side of the cabinet.
. The Marquee Box is 25"W x 9"H x 8"D
. The Control Panel Box is 4.25"H x 10"D (Although the top of the box which is the Control Panel itself extends back 3", makeing the top 13" Deep)
. AMD 1.0Ghz, 128Mb Ram, 2.5 Gb Hard Drive (Overkill for the early 80's games I wanted to play) :o)
. Happ Controls 29" VGA Monitor at 640x480 fixed Frequency, mounted vertically
. Hagstrom KE72T Keyboard Interface
. 2 - 6" Speaker Grills from Radio Shack

External Specs

. Control Panel overlay I designed and had it printed at Kinkos
. Plexiglass, monitor mounting brackets were added
. Fultra Spinner
. Happs Coin Door (P/N 40-0038-00)
. 3 - Happs Universal Joystick (P/N 50-6048-00)
. 16 - Happs Pushbuttons (P/N 58-91XX-L XX=Color)
. 2 - Lighted (Atari - Type) Pushbuttons that I had lying around - The lights still worked! =)
. Quart of "Semi-Gloss Black" paint from Home Depot
. T-moulding from OutWater